” Afratec Hooshmand Technical Engineering Company” with the aim of assisting organizations and businesses that rely on Information Technology services and taking into account the current requirements and needs of the country, since 2013 has been operating in the field of supporting infrastructure services, information security and sensitive services of organizations and companies. , has started in two main areas of providing security equipment and their licenses and providing information security services.

About Afratec

Also, since 2018, this company has developed its services in the field of knowledge transfer and promotion of information security culture. to serve

Taking advantage of strong connections with international business partners, Afratec provides reliable services tailored to the needs of organizations and companies in the field of providing reliable foreign equipment.

Today, with the advancement of information technology and the emergence of special needs of this era, the reliance of the public and private sectors of the country on the space of information exchange is increasing. On the other hand, the increasing complexity of information technology has faced organizations with a series of challenges and threats. Also, according to the requirements of our country (such as comprehensive sanctions), new concerns with different nature and quality have been created in the field of solving these challenges. Eliminating these risks and taking steps towards providing safe and integrated services at the level of critical and critical services not only requires awareness of the ever-increasing threats, but also requires familiarity with the challenges of the public and private sectors of the country.

Noavaran afratec Hooshmand has entered the field of service since 2013 in order to meet the needs of organizations in the space of information exchange.

Visions and ideals

“Technical-Engineering Company of Noavaran Afratec Hooshmand” has always considered and considers its goal to be innovative in providing various services in the IT market of Iran and to be on the same level as the top companies. For this purpose, “Noavaran Afratec Hooshmand Technical Engineering Company” has chosen the following headings as it’s policy:

  • Collaborating with skilled and efficient engineers to achieve the company’s goals
  • Taking advantage of the latest technical knowledge and international standards in the field of the desired activity and transferring them inside the country
  • Using completely different technical support and providing up-to-date services
  • maintaining the atmosphere of a learning organization at the company level in order to train and develop young and talented workers
  • Providing services in order to meet the country’s need to create knowledge-based companies
  • providing quality services to customers and colleagues
  • Helping to improve the level of technical knowledge of customers and colleagues in the field of activity through holding training courses with the use of internal experts

” Noavaran Afratec Hoohmand Technical engineering company ” believes that the success of all management systems is directly dependent on improving the level of knowledge and culture of the organization’s human resources. This is important, the weakest and at the same time the strongest link of the management systems is the human resources of the organization. On this basis, Afratec, as it attaches great importance to the promotion of the specialized force of its organization, has made the promotion of the level of awareness and knowledge of the employer’s forces one of its main goals.

Located In Tehran

Address : 3th store , 33 No. , Miremad St. , Beheshti St. , Tehran , Iran

Phone : 0098 21 8676 5000

Email : info@afratec.ir

Cybersecurity is a 24/7 Job .

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